About Us

We are a team of agile enthusiasts and practitioners who fully embrace agile values and its working methods. We truly believe that agile way of working helps organisations accomplish their goals efficiently and creates preconditions for success.

Our mission is to promote agile values and principles in organizations of any size, to help them implement and enhance agile ways of working according to the organization’s needs. We support teams in their agile journey regardless of their background or previous levels of agile experience.

Why Agilemasters

  • We practise what we preach. We all are practitioners of agile framework and work actively in software & business development. This gives us an advantage because our approach is practical and based on our real life experiences and situations.
  • We are a diverse team of professionals. Agile Masters brings together instructors and software developers with knowledge and experience from agile software development, product management, software architecture and development, and different working methods and practices. Members of our team have worked in corporations, startups and in the public sector.
  • We create solutions according to your needs. Our team has different experiences and a wide range of knowledge about agile working methods. This enables us to create custom training for our clients. Let’s talk!

We promise

  • Our approach is practical. Yes, we will also talk about the theoretical side of things but we want our training sessions to be filled with practical examples, assignments and challenges. It will make understanding agile values and working methods easier while allowing you to have a fun, hands-on experience.
  • Training will be diverse and customized to your needs. During training, we usually have more than one instructor because we want to bring you different examples, experiences and give diverse insight to agile working methods. Thanks to our diverse team, we are able to approach each client differently and create customized training according to your needs.
  • Your organization will have tools to succeed. We care about your success. We want to give you the right tools to make working more efficient so you can reach your goals. If there are any questions or advice you need on your journey we will be there for you.