1 or 2 day course

Description of the course 

During the course you will get an overview of the Agile mindset, its values and principles and background. We will go through two main software development frameworks, Scrum and Kanban,we explain what Lean thinking is and how this relates to agile way of working. Theory will be incorporated into practical examples and hands on activities throughout the day. The course ends with practical Scrum simulation game with Legosbased on AlaxeyKrivitsky’s Lego4Scrum™. 

Target audience 

Team members of new agile teams or people who have already practiced some agile frameworks and would like to challenge their current approach or interpretation, find new ideas or get some additional insight for patterns they have noticed or issues they have faced; managers and leaders of organisations thinking moving towards or practicing agile way of working. This course is suitable also for non-IT organizations as agile ways of working can be implemented in any kind of industry or sector where teamwork is required.

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